From the early 1970s to the early 1990s an unique kind of radio emananated from a single source. It was the evolution of a kind of storytelling not heard on radio before and not heard since. For the legion of fans who still look for a particular voice in the night, welcome to this website about that voice, the man and his stories. Welcome to

Please enjoy the free excerpts from two new original stories.
If you like what you hear the full stories are available separately for purchase and immediate download.


I Saw The Stars A man who wanted to see the stars gets his wish, but not in the way he expected.
Length 26:54

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Light On The Water Jonathan Dunsmore is making his last pilgrimage to the summer house.  There out on the lake--a flash, there it is again... Length 38:38 Buy
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About these stories:

"I Saw The Stars" is an all new fantasy/sci-fi yarn that works on a number of levels. It comes with sound effects and original music. You may find yourself listening to this story several times, if only to revisit some of the intriguing implications it presents. 
“Light On The Water” my second and longer offering is also new and features original music and sound effects. This sci-fi tale deals with a man who is looking for something without knowing what it is.  What he finds, or you could say- what finds him---well, listen and see for yourself.

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Download this file (01 Song for Freedom test.mp3)Song for freedom sample openingThis is a very short mp3 version of the first part of this semi classic composition.727 Kb
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